Mauricio Kirschner, founder of House of Kirschner: “There’s a reflection of ourselves in every person we meet”

Fashion, architecture, photography, design, art, travel and food are all intertwined in the work of Mauricio Kirschner.

Mauricio Kirschner majored in Architecture and Interior Design, as well as several art, design, lightning and landscape courses. Being an internationally recognized designer and architect, he is well known for his unique style. He is now running House of Kirschner (HOK), an architectural atelier that creates ephemeral experiences for all kinds of events. He stated, “At House of Kirschner in this moment in this time line, we conceptualize and fabricate the most magical and astonishing experiences that could exist in the world.” Harper’s Bazaar (HBZ) had an interesting discussion with Mauricio about his work and vision.

Mauricio Kirschner, founder of House of Kirschner 1

White coat with feathers, Ashi Studio.

HBZ: There are many paths in life. Which one led you to becoming an architect, then a renowned event organizer?

MAURICIO KIRSCHNER: I would say it was written in the stars – a path already prepared for me. I remember my early years, I used to do drawings depicting the space distribution of every room I stepped into. Every time I had the chance, I spent hours exploring the surroundings, observing all the construction projects I ran into, how they evolved over time and the way all of that became materialized.

Total look, Fendi. Sunglasses. Nathalie Blanc.

After I graduated, in the first years of my career, I was commissioned to renovate a house for some friends of mine. They were planning on getting married, so one day they asked me to join their first appointment with the planner. At the end of that day, they asked me to be the one in charge of planning the big day. I was thrilled!

I don’t want to lie, at first I felt kinda frustrated because architecture was my passion, not planning events. But soon after, I realized that was a great opportunity to bring to the table a completely new perspective, and take this event to the next level,

And that was it! I was stepping into a new path where my two passions blended to produce something great.

Fur jacket, Fendi.

HBZ. What is your favorite style in architecture?

MAURICIO KIRSCHNER: That is a tough question! I couldn’t choose just one single style. I would say, however, that something really catches my eye when it’s elevated to a supreme level, when the architectural design goes from simple to sublime, indulging our senses in a journey of ecstasy.

It’s not unusual to find pleasure while contemplating a structure that has been conceived painstakingly from the beginning, starting with the very first idea in the creator’s mind and concluding with that astonishing piece of art. I feel attracted by a design when it reflects the incredible human ability to create and the touch of divine inspiration.

Mauricio Kirschner, founder of House of Kirschner 2

Blue ensemble and bag, Moncler. Red jacket, Ferragamo.

HBZ. What is the correlation between architecture and event management?

MAURICIO KIRSCHNER: Well, there’s always a relationship between an event and the space where it’s happening. At House of Kirschner, we plan every project with the philosophy of “experiential architecture,” which means taking a holistic approach to the design of each event we produce. This way, HOK goes beyond expectations, creating a particular and unique correlation between the atmosphere created by the architectural backdrop and the execution of an event.

Total look, Fendi. Sunglasses. Nathalie Blanc.

HBZ. You once said, “My teachers are my clients…”

MAURICIO KIRSCHNER: Yes, there’s a reflection of ourselves in every person we meet. Like a book, it needs a reader to accomplish a purpose. In that same way, every project needs someone to “read” it, to deeply understand its particularities, and the storytelling behind it.

In this period of my life, I’m learning that we’re on this planet to indulge ourselves with the wonders of life and to appreciate the delights of the natural world.

The same applies to every person we meet in our life; they have a purpose to fulfill on our path, a lesson we must learn from them. We need each other to expand our vision, whether they are our friends, coworkers, or clients. So yes, I definitely learn and grow with every client, and they are part of the success of House of Kirschner.

Denim jacket & pants, Dolce & Gabbana. Boots, Ferragamo. Silver necklace, Thomas Sabo.

HBZ. Can you tell us about the most memorable wedding ceremonies you have organized?

MAURICIO KIRSCHNER: I would say some of the latest weddings we’ve done. We’ve been working to create events that resemble fashion shows, something magnificent where the two lovers are the main characters of the story, surrounded by friends and family in some sort of theatrical play performed in a monumental amphitheater.

The key to making these events memorable resides in painstaking organization: the daylight, temperature, music, guest arrangement, and landscapes framing the scene. In the same way a director leads the orchestra, we carefully coordinate each member and element to create an elaborate atmosphere that indulges people in the beauty of love.

Mauricio Kirschner, founder of House of Kirschner 3

Leather jacket & skirt, Moschino.

HBZ. What are the secrets behind a successful event?

MAURICIO KIRSCHNER: Details matter. When you’re well aware of every little detail, you can deeply connect with the couple, their family, and their friends, truly understanding what they want, their dreams, and the journey of flavors and aromas they picture in their mind for the special day.

Getting to know their history and the memories they’ve created together is key to going beyond expectations, to transform a wedding into something divine, a moment people will never forget.

HBZ. What can a client expect from House of Kirschner when booking your company’s service?

MAURICIO KIRSCHNER: They will live a truly majestic experience. Over the course of a few days, we will awaken their senses like no one has ever done before.

HBZ. What is your favorite fashion style?

MAURICIO KIRSCHNER: I love fashion! I think the way we dress is a statement of how we see the world. For me, fashion is the opportunity to embrace and accept diversity, no matter where people come from. That idea is something we can see at fashion shows and campaigns.

Something I really love is getting close to some designers’ history, their background and their heritage to the world. Let’s take Virgil Abloh and his posthumous collection for Louis Vuitton as an example. Abloh was always talking about how Vuitton himself envisioned people’s dreams as something they must carry with them.

I really admire how creative directors gather a huge amount of talent to translate into something bigger, especially now they do it through conscious process. Fashion is a whole universe.

Mauricio Kirschner, founder of House of Kirschner 4

Leather jacket & skirt, Moschino. Silver rings, Thomas Sabo.

HBZ. Men’s fashion is changing tremendously in the last decade. What is your view on the future of men’s fashion?

MAURICIO KIRSCHNER: I agree, it has changed a lot. We can now see how men’s fashion is reaching a new level of freedom and detaching from old formalities. Everyone is able to express their personality through their own style and wardrobe selection.

Observing men’s fashion reaching a new level of expression, sometimes even richer than women’s, amazes me. It’s fascinating to see how the gender barrier is blurring more and more. I hope these changes continue.

White coat with feathers, Ashi Studio. Pyjama ensemble, The Frankie Shop. Necklace, Bulgari. Gold twisted ring, Gas Bijoux. Gold ring, Thomas Sabo.

HBZ. What is your life philosophy?

MAURICIO KIRSCHNER: Every life is perfect, and we should embrace the sacredness within. We are all part of the same universe, united by the same energy. Still, within each of us lies a universe of our own, where the best version of ourselves resides.

We have come to this world with the sole mission of living with joy, making our dreams come true, and developing through the infinite energy of love. Deploying our true potential is the best way to experience the pleasures of life.

Coming home at night and realizing that we had the best day possible is a chance to rebuild our relationship with the cosmos, and leave a footprint on the eternal cycle of life.

Images from the events designed and executed by House of Kirschner


Styling Pablo Patane
Makeup: Marine Ganci
Hair: Benoit Claverie

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