Sali Kimi’s Barbie-inspired vacation photos shot in Asia

The New York City-based South Korean artist and influencer, Sali Kimi, has graced her Instagram profile with a captivating series of Barbie-inspired photographs, captured in the mesmerizing locales of South Korea and Thailand.

Sali Kimi (@sali_kimi) has recently inspired a multitude of aspiring young influencers and artists with her unique trendy look. Her latest photoshoot has garnered widespread attention and adoration from her ardent fanbase.

Sali Kimi’s Barbie-inspired vacation photos shot in Asia 1

Shot in The Standard, Thailand. The perfectly coordinated ensemble, comprising of a sparkling green top and a preppy plaid skirt, complemented by the black and white pattern outfit set, alongside the addition of the pointed glittery hair pin, harmoniously blend together. Furthermore, when juxtaposed against the backdrop of the opulent yellow floor and the richly hued dark red walls, they evoke an unmistakable ambiance reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film – “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Image captured from Sali Kimi Instagram.

Captured within the lavish confines of the Shanghai Mansion in Thailand, the visually enchanting ensemble featuring the Sparkling Y2K denim hat, adorned with studs, alongside the accompanying pink bag and belt set, effortlessly exudes an irresistible allure. This collection of fashion elements evokes a distinct sense of hipness, blending the allure of the exotic with the nostalgia-inducing aesthetics of 80’s retro Chinatown-inspired interiors.

Sali Kimi’s Barbie-inspired vacation photos shot in Asia 2

Shot in Daddy and the Muscle Academy, Thailand. The baby blue top and skirt set seamlessly complements the furry pink top and Y2K sparkle dark denim skirt, resulting in an aesthetic ensemble that exudes a petite and girly fit.

Shot in Unicorn Cafe, Thailand. The delightful imagery of a fluffy, sweet cotton candy at a girlfriend’s PJ party comes to mind when beholding her adorable appearance adorned in these charming pastel colors.

Shot in Haslla Art World, South Korea

Sali Kimi’s Barbie-inspired vacation photos shot in Asia 3

Shot in Leopard, South Korea.

Sali Kimi epitomizes the very essence of Asian beauty. Her Instagram account garners widespread attention and her fans are already enamored by her captivating and serene music. For those inclined towards femininity, we have all, at some point, aspired to embody the essence of a real-life Barbie. There might be few individuals who possess an aesthetic as captivating as Sali Kimi’s doll-like beauty.

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