Bella B Harris: If you can’t find it and you need it, then go and create it

“What I’m creating is filling a missing niche in the fashion industry. I want to tell them that if you can’t find it and you need it, then go and create it” - Bella B Harris.

Model Bella B Harris

Dress, Herve Leger. Earings, House of Emmanuele. Bracelets, Yves Saint Laurent

Bella B Harris is the daughter of legendary music producer Jimmy Jam. She started modeling at only 13 years old. Now, this 22-year-old stunner is replacing the teen model look with the fresh appeal of a captivating and elegant young woman.

Young talent discovered at the Grammys

Model Bella B Harris

Pink puffer jacker, Atelier Biser. Swim bottoms, Nua Swim

Bella has been going to the Grammys with her family since she was 6, as her father is a former Chairman of the Grammys. When she was a freshman in high school, she was officially scouted. “I was 5’10” at 13”, she recalled. “There was an agent there who scouted me backstage and set up meetings for the next week. I’ve been modeling ever since”.

For a high school girl, modeling was something of a hobby. But she still set clear goals for herself and was responsible with her choice. As a result, she had the chance to work with big brands like Teen Vogue, Nike and Kylie Cosmetics.

“It was something that started off as more of an extracurricular activity and then as the years went on, my love for modeling continued to grow, and it has turned into a career for me”, Bella said.

Model Bella B Harris

Top and skirt, Natalia Fedner. Bracelets, Janashia. Rings, Lilou

Maturity comes from challenges

When Bella first started modeling, she had a lot of pressure to be a certain height and weight. She told HBVN, “If you didn’t fit into the correct measurements then you couldn’t work. I have seen firsthand how the pressure to be extremely skinny leads to dangerous and unhealthy behaviors. I’m so happy that that has since changed”.

Model Bella B Harris

Bikini top and skirt, Cult Gaia. Earings, Saule

Besides facing challenges in her career, Bella also had difficulties in balancing her job with studying at college. The pressure was much greater since she studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) – one of the best fashion schools in the USA. There were many times when she felt overwhelmed trying to balance her work and school life. Over time, overcoming these difficulties helped Bella build up self-confidence. The love and support from her family has always propelled her, but above all, it is her perseverance and determination that helps her stay strong.

Model Bella B Harris

Skirt, Onalaja Couture. Bracelets, Alexis Bittar and Jewelmint. Earings, Lillian Shalom

Bella B Harris, the budding designer

Model Bella B Harris

Top and shorts, Herve Leger. Heels, By Dose. Bangles, Cult Gaia. Earings, Lillou

From an early age, Bella showed interest in the fashion industry. Her mother, Lisa Padilla, was a stylist and always encouraged her daughter to have fun with fashion. Bella was also inspired by how Victoria’s Secret Angels elevated their profiles from models into businesswomen.

Bella herself sees a gap in the market for tall girls like herself. With that purpose, she is working towards launching her first fashion project since graduating from FIDM. This collection will pay homage to everything she has learned at one of the best fashion schools in the USA and announce the fresh and exciting style that Bella B Harris will bring to the industry.

Dress, Christopher Esber. Bikini set, Nua swim. Earings, Saule

Gown, Onalaja Couture. Earings, Wasee Jewels

Model Bella B Harris

Bikini set, God Save Queens. Black dress, Mugler. Earings, House of Emmanuele

**Team Credits**

Model: Bella B Harris @bellabharris
Photographer: Veronica Sams @veronicasams
Hair: Ericka Verrett @ericka_verrett with @aframe_agency
Hair Assist: Richard Verrett
Makeup: Preston Meneses @prestonmakeup
Styling: Beatrice Balaj @beatricebalaj
Production and casting: Rhiyen Sharp @rhisharp
Production assistant: Michael Miller @mikedharma_
Lighting: Alex Bonelli @bonelliboy
Lighting Assist: Derek Bonelli @pricelesscarpet
Camera Assist: Alessandra Guth @Alessandraguth

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