Dong Anh Quynh and Song Luan reunite for Onitsuka Tiger

Cast members of action movie Thanh Soi, Dong Anh Quynh and Song Luan, reunited for the Onitsuka Tiger Autumn Winter 2022 fashion shoot.


Song Luan and Dong Anh Quynh wear Onitsuka Tiger Autumn Winter 2022 collection. On Quynh: Top, jacket, socks and ACROMOUNT BOOTS. On Luan: Hoodie, pants, socks and ACROMOUNT sneakers.

Dong Anh Quynh is primarily an actress. Song Luan has dabbled in film, music and reality show. One possesses a cool mannerism, the other a heartthrob with romantic ballads. And yet they blended well together in this Onitsuka Tiger fashion shoot, to exude an air of style, a spirit of youth, an aura of ambition. This is also the spirit that Onitsuka Tiger wants to convey to the young generation.

Two talents that embody the spirit of the latest Onitsuka Tiger collection


Unisex fleece designs and SERRANO sneakers. All from Onitsuka tiger.

Unisex fleece designs and SERRANO sneakers. All from Onitsuka tiger.

Throughout its history, Onitsuka Tiger has always been associated with passion, perseverance, and a healthy lifestyle. The brand was born with a mission to revive the spirit of the young generation.

Decades after, even until the Autumn Winter 2022 collection, Onitsuka Tiger has not once strayed from its path. The newest designs reflect the mindset of the young generation: A generation ready to breakthrough with talents and unique fashion sense. Embodying that mindset are Song Luan – a multi-talented singer and actor – and Dong Anh Quynh – young action star of the Vietnamese film industry.

Top, jacket, socks, ACROMOUNT BOOTS, bags with flame pattern. All from Onitsuka Tiger


T-shirt, jacket, ACROMOUNT sneakers, bowling bag with flame pattern. All from Onitsuka Tiger

Dong Anh Quynh arrived at the shooting session on a sport bike, the epitome of a girl boss. This image make her stand out from girlier talents in the Vietnamese entertainment industry, and also reflect the experiences that Quynh has accumulated along her journey.

When asked about her personal image, Quynh said, “Despite my outward appearance, which at times seem overly sharp, deep inside I’m just a simple, funny and friendly person. But when it comes to work, I will become a serious perfectionist.”


Knit shirt, fleece shorts, socks and CRESTY sneakers. All from Onitsuka Tiger

If Quynh is dedicated to her girl boss image, Song Luan can be called a “chameleon”. He would adapt as needed to new challenges. A composer, singer, model and actor, Luan constantly transforms and reinvents himself.

Sharing about his experimental journey, Luan commented, “Taking on many different roles, I have never let myself stand still. I want to try different roles. And in the near future, if there is time, I would like to write a book under short form about my personal mental health challenges. This book will not be publicly released, only donated to those interested in this issue or in need of a caring voice.”

No boundaries


On Quynh: jacket, jogger, CRESTY sneakers. On Luan: knit shirt, fleece shorts, CRESTY sneakers. All from Onitsuka Tiger

On Quynh: jacket, jogger, CRESTY sneakers. On Luan: knit shirt, fleece shorts, CRESTY sneakers. All from Onitsuka Tiger

The young generation demand less division, more acceptance of differences. Unisex and genderless designs therefore have become a must in this day and age. Onitsuka Tiger Autumn Winter 2022 collection completely erases the gender boundaries in the wardrobe that have existed since a long time past.

Through clothing, Onitsuka Tiger conveys the message that anyone has the freedom to pursue the style they want and the clothes will not limit this desire.

This spirit is easily seen in the styling process. The ready-to-wear designs can be easily fitted for both Dong Anh Quynh and Song Luan, without worrying about masculine or feminine choices. Take for instance, oversize shirts or caftans that could easily fit anyone’s style.

Stripe shirt, pants and unisex PETAL high-top shoes. All from Onitsuka Tiger

When asked about her personal criteria for choosing an outfit, Quynh said, “I choose clothes that must be easy to combine, convenient to wear and flexible with any style. Regarding sneakers, I always want a pair of shoes that I can just throw on without thinking about what it can match with. And Onitsuka Tiger is a brand that satisfy all my requirements.”

Sharing the same opinion with Quynh, Luan commented, “When choosing clothes, I prioritize comfort and therefore fell in love with Onitsuka Tiger for a long while back.”

Immortal color

Despite all the trends that come and go, the allure of black and white has never faded. The Onitsuka Tiger Autumn Winter 2022 collection is created based on the concept of “Darkness”, using mainly black and white monochrome colors. This collection pays homage to the fashion of the 80s, a period when Japanese aesthetics of “purity and austerity” were mixed with Western culture.

Fleece jacket with Onitsuka Tiger logo

Black is a color that Quynh personally loves. “Before collaborating with Onitsuka Tiger in this photoshoot, I owned a lot of the brand’s items, and also a lot of black items. In fact, black clothing accounts for two-thirds of my wardrobe!”

Oversized shirt, fleece joggers, ACROMOUNT BOOTS, backpack with flame pattern. All from Onitsuka Tiger

For it pays homage to the 80s, Onitsuka Tiger Autumn Winter 2022 collection also has a goth grunge flair – an aesthetics of the late 70s to early 80s – such as the flames prints on multiple items. For Song Luan, who usually wears classical items, “I have never tried this style, so the styling this time is very interesting and new to me. The fashion shoot left a deep impression on me.”

On Quynh: T-shirt, jacket, ACROMOUNT sneakers and drawstring bag with flame pattern. On Luan: long sleeved shirt, vest, pants, ACROMOUNT KNIT shoes, and bowling bag with flame patterns. All from Onitsuka Tiger

Innovation has always been in Onitsuka Tiger’s heritage. This mindset paved the way for the gender inclusive Autumn Winter 2022 collection. Through fiery designs (pun intended), Onitsuka Tiger inspire confidence in those who wear these designs.

Time is endless, but youth is ephemeral, so break the old normative rules and show your true self with Onitsuka Tiger. So that in the future, when you look back, this fearless memory burns so bright that it will forever be imprinted in your mind.


Check out the collection when it arrives in store at the end of September.

Saigon Centre, Lot L2-26-29, 65 Le Loi St., District 1, HCMC

**Team Credits**

Creative Director: Quỳnh Anh
Photo by Harry Vu represented by Bamboo Artists Agency
Model: Đồng Ánh Quỳnh & Song Luân
Producer: Duyên Nguyễn
Stylist: Thịnh Chocolate
Makeup & Hair: Team Xi Quan Le & Team Coo Tâm
Retoucher: Brian Ng
Lighting: Viet Anh
Assistants: Van Ton
Cameramen: Ngọc Toàn
Video Editor: Thu Hương

Location: Nina Nguyen Studio


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