Ann Neika Jean Charles photographed by Joey Rosado

The regally elegant dress accentuates her allure, with exaggerated shapes and a bright pink color symbolizing innocence and passion.

The regal beauty of Ann Neika Jean Charles is captured by photographer Joey Rosado. His photo story was inspired by the essence of a black woman at her highest grace. The dress she wears represents an accentuation of regal elegance, designed with exaggerated shapes to emphasize her alluring presence. The bright pink color symbolizes her innocence and burning passion, complementing her beautiful complexion. The crown represents “The Edamburu,” an African hairstyle—a braided crown inspired by the Mangbetu people of Congo, intricately weaving small braids into a crown, appreciating their custom of skull elongation. The 
cowries in her outfit and hair symbolize luck and prosperity. The earthy location in Southern Utah provides a perfect backdrop to capture the beauty of these images.

Model: Ann Neika Jean Charles @Anika__50.

Cowries Designer: Lafalaise Dion @lafalaisedionn.

Braided Hair Crown: Jennifer Lord @naturalhollywood.

Wardrobe Designer: Kimaya McPherson @kimayaMcPherson.

Technical Assistant: Karven Monitor @karvisual.

Photographer: Joey Rosado @islandboiphotography.

Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam