Desiree Wallis Busnelli: Kindness goes a long way

Having millions of followers on Instagram, the content creator believes that a simple post for a woman can change her life, negative or positive

Sunglasses, pants, top, and sandals, Versace. Jacket, Revolve.

Desiree Wallis Busnelli is a new and upcoming creator who has made impact on the fashion scene with her infectious positivity and relatable content. She has millions of followers on social media. Her hilarious stories during the pandemic, coupled with high-end fashion companies reposting her content, have gotten her noticed in the fashion world. 

Desiree Wallis Busnelli

Pants, Wolford. Fake fur, SAKS. Shoes, ASOS. Sunglasses, Alexander McQueen.

Desiree Wallis Busnelli’s love and passion

Desiree described herself as follows, “I’m kind of a home body. I love spending time with my family making homemade noodles and sauce sitting enjoying a good movie.”

Desiree Wallis Busnelli

Jumpsuit, Mugler. Top & hot pants, Dolce & Gabbana. Sunglasses & pump, Dior

The love for staying home has not stopped her from seeing the world. Her biggest passions include traveling, which has truly changed her life besides her family. She cherishes all the stamps in her passport. 

Traveling has opened her eyes to all the beauties of different countries and cultures. Desiree loves trying new food wherever she goes. When she is in a new country, she will never order a standard meal from the menu. You will find her on the street market eating with the locals and learning everything about it.

Pants, blazer, belt, scarf, shoes, Alexander McQueen. Sunglasses, Gucci

Desiree Wallis Busnelli: Writing interesting content 

The mompreneur has established herself just like everyone else, making it look good on social media, and trying to fit in. “I started posting about interior design which led me to deleting it and posting about myself. Probably wasn’t the best strategy, but during the pandemic it gave me the outlet to express myself.”

Top, pants, trench coat, Burberry. Sandals, Tom Ford.

Desiree Wallis Busnelli shared her creative secrets, “One of my passions is restorations with current modern additions. Remembering history, even though it can be painful at times, can also lead to a better change in this modern social media world. I always love good stories with true meanings.” 

“For example, think of your grandma’s chair. You remember her sitting on it. Then you work hard to find a new fabric to reupholster the same chair and make it new again. Like that, we all can be authentic in our own way with our own story.”

Top, pants, trench coat, Burberry. Sandals, Tom Ford.

To get significant benefits from the use of social media

Social media can be both good and bad, depending on how you use it. Desiree Wallis Busnelli suggests starting by liking other women’s posts that are uplifting, reposting their stories to spread positivity, and making positive comments on other people’s platforms for women and men. 

“One thing we have in common in this world is wanting to feel accepted and seen. The entertainment world has opened up by allowing regular people to post and engage. I’ve tried to be simply me and my life engaging can be hard at times, especially online – like anyone else.”

There is a message the content creator wants to send to her followers, “Remember that you can lose followers. How many followers you have isn’t so much important than the genuine followers that you keep by just being yourself.”

Total look, Balmain. Sunglasses, Lowe

Your worth is your brand

“Fashion is our individual expression that we can control,” Desiree Wallis Busnelli said earnestly. She loves changing up her look! She loves high fashion and even down to thrifty stores finding memorial pieces to mix in. 

Desiree repeated more than once, “You don’t need name brands to be seen. The most important thing to remember is people see you before they see the brand. Owning your worth is your brand. What is truly important is how you feel in the clothes you wear.”

The greatest learning that these years have left her is to trust her intuition because her gut never lies. 

When asked to send a message to the readers of Harper’s Bazaar, Desiree Wallis Busnelli laughed heartily, “Well, this is a fashion magazine and normally my advice is to match your shoes to your purse or belt. LOL.” Then the fashionista got serious, “Kindness goes a long way.” 

Desiree Wallis Busnelli

Dress, Alaïa. Bag & sunglasses, Chanel. Sandals, Prada. Pantyhose, Zara.

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