Dasha Popova: Authenticity is key

On her recent journey to Hong Kong, Dasha Popova finds joy in collaboration, surrounded by a talented crew of makeup artists, stylists, and professionals who turn work into a seamless dance of creativity.

Model: Dasha Popova. Photo: Dalong Yang. Top, shawl and earrings, Emporio Armani.

In the heart of the bustling studio, Dasha Popova gracefully navigates the space, her movements akin to a choreographed dance. The camera becomes a silent storyteller. Amidst the rhythmic symphony of shutters, Dasha pauses, acknowledging the team’s collaborative energy with a radiant smile.

Harper’s Bazaar (HBZ): You speak Russian, English, French, and Italian. How has being multilingual influenced your career and interactions within the fashion industry?

DASHA POPOVA: Languages unite people and bring their interests closer together. It is great to feel the mood and absorb the state of the country when speaking a particular language.

Coat, heels, and earrings, Versace. Knit top and skirt, Proenza Schouler.

HBZ: Your unique look, with green eyes and blond hair, has garnered attention. How has your distinctive appearance influenced the types of projects you choose and the brands you collaborate with?

DASHA POPOVA: I think that the unique nature of my appearance is, first of all, the ability to reincarnate and adapt to any character. And this is what I can boast about because it helps me to work with different projects and brands and easily get into a new role.

Coat and earrings, Versace. Knit top and skirt, Proenza Schouler.

HBZ: How do you approach each photoshoot, and what do you believe sets your modeling style apart?

DASHA POPOVA: Modeling is a long-cherished dream, and I’ve dedicated much energy to achieving it. Taking shoots seriously, I prioritize my health and skin, recognizing their impact on appearance. Maintaining an active lifestyle and fostering strong connections with collaborators enhance productivity. Authenticity is key – I convey genuine emotions in every expression. I’m responsible and avoid letting the team down. If frustrated, I share it privately. Taking breaks, coffee, positive affirmations, and music help. Always find the positive side in any situation.

Coat, top, and shorts, Luyu. Earrings and watch, Crisathena.

HBZ: Runway vs. photoshoot vibe, do you have a preference?

DASHA POPOVA: These embody distinct energies. A show entails anticipation, preparation, and an emotional climax–a one-shot live performance. You have only one chance to show yourself at your best. In contrast, a photoshoot unfolds as a beautiful day, traversing varied images and moods – a mini-life immersing you in diverse narratives. Both offer unique communication with interesting people, enriching experiences, and are essential for personal growth!

Coat, top, and shorts, Luyu. Earrings and watch, Crisathena.

HBZ: Could you share a memorable moment from one of your runway shows?

DASHA POPOVA: I recently opened and closed Alexander Arutyunov’s show in Moscow, held in a sleek, concrete-and-metal building. The pressurized yet stylish atmosphere featured models descending from the second floor past guests. As the show opener, I ran through the second floor, pursued by a cameraman, relishing the exhilarating experiment. Then closing the show in a stunning wedding dress with a long train was simply fabulous!

HBZ: How do you unwind and recharge when you’re not working?

DASHA POPOVA: I play tennis, hit the gym, and enjoy plastic and stretching classes. Each day, I dedicate 1.5 hours to French or Italian lessons. Besides that, cooking for family, shopping, and walks with my daughter are cherished.

Sweater, Pleats Please Issey Miyake. Earrings, Crisathena. Bracelet, Emporio Armani.

HBZ: Traveling is a significant part of a model’s life. How have your travels influenced your perspective on fashion and your personal style?

DASHA POPOVA: Travel is vital, not just for models but everyone. As a visual person, seeing sparks my creativity. It activates all senses, inspiring new style, interior, and behavior ideas. Each country leaves a mark on my eclectic fashion sense. Before a trip, I meticulously choose outfits to absorb the destination’s spirit, or I buy something on-site to match the mood. Marrakech, Istanbul, Rome, Sardinia, St. Tropez, and Hong Kong stand out –powerful places with rich history, unique cuisine, and authentic fashion, shaping my style.

Dress, CFCL. Heels, Lanvin. Necklace, Crisathena.

HBZ: Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

DASHA POPOVA: I wish everyone to stay true to themselves and their ideas, not to rush through life. Pause, listen to yourself, discern what truly matters, and find joy and positivity. Share kindness and give gifts. What you give returns in abundance. And it’s crucial to dream and love yourself!

Top, shawl and earrings, Emporio Armani.

Photography: Dalong Yang @dalongdalong.
Production: Cory Couture Productions @corycoutureproductions.
Model: Dasha Popova @dashapopova_model.
Fashion Direction: Ivy Leung @ivyleung_.
Styling: Kathy (IVYPLUME).
Hair: Tomo Numayama @tomonumayama.
Makeup: Wen Qi @vvvinci.j.

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